I’m Jaun a lifestyle, portrait, and travel Cinematographer

I pick up my camera to find the beauty in the simplest moments

As the head honcho and chief fun officer, I've dedicated my craft to not only capturing stunning images but also those spontaneous moments of joy and laughter. Our portfolio is a colorful array of unique love stories, each one showcasing our journey from the beautiful landscapes of South Africa to the charming settings of Italy.

But here's the cool part – we're like your personal storytelling sidekicks. We're all about nailing those genuine, off-the-cuff moments that make your wedding distinctly yours.


Fact 1

In 2002 while living in London. I picked up my first camera and discovered a newfound passion for videography and photography


Fact 2

I've had the incredible experience of filming in over 22 countries, making my cinematic journey truly global!


Fact 3

I've had the incredible opportunity to film in cities as diverse and captivating as New York, Paris, Madrid, Reykjavik, Lake Como and many more.


Fact 4

I've had the incredible privilege of capturing the love stories of over 600 couples through wedding videography in my life.


The best wedding videographer. I am speechless, all we can say is WOW. Not even to mention the most incredible friendliest service, but their work is beyond amazing. I would recommend JPB Media Weddings for every wedding. Thank you so much for your outstanding work

Margalique Breytenbach